Investing in EntrepreneursA Strategic Approach for Strengthening Your Regional and Community Economy

"This book has the potential to turn economic development into an intellectually serious and effective discipline."
                                              Reviewer, American Planning Association
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“A remarkable job of helping economic developers to think and act strategically in engaging entrepreneurs and to use their limited resources more efficiently.   

Shawn Winker-Rios, eDev

“The approaches  for matching the skill-set, mindset, and experience of the business owner to the complexity of the business model, and then giving the entrepreneur the support they need to grow, are the keys to increasing small business success rates.”                

Paul Hoyt, Entrepreneurship Coach and Consultant

Tapping a rare combination of academic and practitioner experience, Lichtenstein and Lyons may well have written the most important book for our economic revitalization.”   

Sandy Maxey, Beta Regional Systems

“Hugely thought-provoking…”  

               Ian C. MacMillan, Ph.D. The Wharton School


“Lichtenstein and Lyons' concept of assessing skill levels in entrepreneurs, and then 'pitching' the appropriate battery of services to them is elementary, yet groundbreaking.”        

                                       Jeffrey A. Miller, Entrepreneur

“A road map that will help venture capital, investment banking, public sector professionals as well as commercial bankers target entrepreneurial investments and achieve a much higher rate of success.”                             

Francis J. Fisher, Marketing Specialist

“ immensely valuable contribution to modern economic development.”

Jim Clinton, Cenla Advantage Partnership

“Combines wisdom, common sense and tried and true action plans for implementing economic development for wealth creation and community transformations.”  

Kristina Oliver, State Director, WV Small Business Development Center

“This book provides not only what to do but how to do it.”

      Sanj Singh, Assistant Professor, Edwards School of Business

“This book will help economic development decision-makers better allocate their energy and financial resources.”                             

Scott Loveridge, Ph.D. Michigan State University








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